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Roy Wildstein

Monday,  04/28/14  08:53 PM

From Dave Winer: Roy Wildstein:

"I've never known anyone named Roy Wildstein.  Otherwise, everything in this story happened."

Yeah me neither, and this happened to me too.  Only we chose to fight, and we won ... and we still lost, because it took a lot of money to win.  Actually everyone involved lost, except possibly our attorneys.

"The charge, age discrimination ... here's what I learned, something that Roy clearly understood before he started working at my company. I could choose to fight it, and I would lose."

This doesn't just happen with age discrimination, it happens with every other kind of discrimination too.  It's a tough problem; you want laws that protect people from discrimination, but you don't want to enable people to use them for a scam.

I think the solution lies in punishing the lawyers.  If a lawyer represents a client and she wins, great, you pay their legal fees.  But if they lose, they have to pay yours.  I think that would put an end to illegitimate cases pretty quickly, and would raise the bar on the level of proof attorneys would need to see before they bring suit against a company.


walk on a long pier

Monday,  04/28/14  09:44 PM

From Scott Loftesness: The View from Pier 7 in San Francisco.

Love it.  It's weird the way some pictures are just cooler in black and white.  This is such a picture.




Monday,  04/28/14  09:55 PM

Coolest story of the day (and maybe, most prescient...)  Avram Miller: How Apple crushed Google in the fall of 2015  (via I, Cringley):

Steve Jobs was livid when he learned about Google plans to use the Android operating system which Google acquired to compete with the iPhone...  Jobs began to realize that Google could become the next Microsoft which would have the same effect that the old Microsoft had on the pre-iPhone Apple, it would cut the company off at the knees. Jobs realized that the only way to prevent that, was to put a dagger into the very heart of Google – Search. So he started up the most secret project ever undertaken at Apple. The name of the project was "Found."

Huh ... pretty interesting.  I can't imagine Jobs starting the project simply to get back at Google, but I can imagine Apple entering Search, and in a big way, with new algorithms and improved usability.  (Who knows, maybe they'll even enter Visual Search!)  According to Miller:

This effort was so important to Jobs that he pre-recorded the announcement before his death and instructed Tim Cook to use it.

August of 2015, huh?  Stay tuned...


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