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Daniel Jacoby's photographs

Sunday,  01/04/09  11:49 AM

You've heard me write about Daniel Jacoby before, my friend and ex-colleague who passed away almost five years ago from a brain tumor.  Today I received an email from his sister Naomi Ryerson, with some photos taken by Daniel on an expedition to the South Pole.  The photographs are great; I've posted them for your viewing pleasure, although I wish they were higher resolution because these small sizes don't really do them justice.  (There are some thumbnails at left to give you a flavor for the work :)

I believe Naomi has the original negatives and has made arrangements to have these photographs printed, so if you're interested please let me know and I'll relay your interest to her.  Proceeds of sales of these photographs would go to Daniel's foundation, Interfaith Inventions Inc, so in addition to acquiring some excellent art you'd be helping improve the world too :)

In the collection is a picture of Daniel, above at right, taken at a memorial to Ernest Shackleton, the famous explorer who was one of Daniel's heroes (the Endurance story is unbelievable, if you've never read it, please do...).  Daniel's own story is one of endurance, and his spirit lives on in each of the many people who knew him.