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Sunday,  02/13/11  10:04 AM

This morning I was reflecting on HP's webOS announcements, and on the difference between Steve Jobs and everyone else when it comes to announcing new products.  Which prompted me to go back into the archives, and unearth some of his most memorable presentations...

1983 - pre-Macintosh screening of "1984" commercial
an oldie but goodie, young Steve Jobs talking about the PC industry

1998 - iMac
first big act back in control of Apple
(note suit!)

1999 - iBook

2000 - OS X
a key moment, handled beautifully

2001 - iPod
I love this one, little did anyone know the revolution being unleashed
(so low-key!)

2003 - iTunes music store
this was BIG and everyone knew it

2003 - Safari web browser

2004 - iPod mini

2005 - Intel processors
huge news at the time, a major announcement, handled amazingly

2005 - iPod Nano

2005 - Mac Mini

2007 - iPhone
possibly his finest ever, and unquestionably the most historic
nobody knew then that Apple truly had reinvented the phone
...and the computer...

2008 - Macbook Air

2008 - App Store
not his most dynamic, but perhaps the most important, as the dynasty begins

2010 - iPad
not his best, but one of the most important
little did we know 15M would be sold in 2010, wow!

2010 - AppleTV
not a huge success so far but a sleeper... stay tuned :)

2011 - IOS 5 and iCloud
Apple joins a big trend, but can they execute?

[Updated on 2/14/11 to add: 2008 - App Store]
[Updated on 6/7/11 to add: 2011 - IOS 5 and iCloud]

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