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New Yorker covers

Wednesday,  07/02/08  11:43 PM

In the public interest (and by way of indulging my fetish for New Yorker covers), here are links to all the covers I've posted in the past:

The Big City (4/12/04) - a compendium of 72 of the magazine's best covers...
Never Forget (10/18/04)
Autumn Chores (10/25/04)
Song of Spring (6/1/05)
Party of One (7/04/04) - not included in the Big Bang gallery below (!)
Tour de Force (7/30/05)
New Beginning (1/30/06)
The Ascent of Man (5/14/07)
Bigger than Baseball (5/17/07)
Stalking (2/03/08)
The Big Bang (7/3/08) - a gallery of sixteen fourth of July covers

My absolute favorite is this one, seems appropriate with the Tour starting this weekend: