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your cat for my car

Monday,  12/14/09  09:55 PM

The phone rings...

Yes, hello, is Ole Eichhorn there?
This is Ole...
Yes, I'm calling about your car, is it still for sale?
Um...  well...  uh...
You live in the Los Angeles area, right?
Uh, yeah, but...
Do you know anyone at Walt Disney?  Anyone high up in the company?
Uh, no... sorry.  Why are you calling exactly?
Well I have an item, a collectible item, which could be worth a lot of money to the right collector, it's a Disney item, one-of-a-kind, could be worth a million dollars - or more! - to the right person.
Yeah, but what does that have to do with my car?
Well I was thinking, maybe we could make a deal, I could trade my item for your car, there could be some cash involved too.
Huh.  (pause)  I'm not sure I want to sell my car, I haven't thought about it.
Okay, let me tell you...  you see, I have this cat, and my cat's coat has this marking, it looks just exactly like Mickey Mouse, and I was thinking...
Are we talking about your cat or my car?
Well I was thinking, maybe we could work a trade, because this cat is very valuable, I posted it on the Internet, you can see it for yourself...
Wait a minute, you want to trade your cat for my car?
You really have to see this cat, it looks just like Mickey Mouse, it is amazing...
Are you serious?  This sounds like a joke.
Am I on a radio show?
You're calling to see if I would trade my car for a cat?
(dial tone...)

I am not making this up.