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Friday,  05/08/15  05:59 PM

Leaving my house in a bit so my kids can throw a party ... wow does that sound like a great idea.  But I'm getting up at oh-dark-hundred to ride a century tomorrow, so it seems much the best ... fXf!

Carly FiorinaCarly Fiorina is doing it right so far.  "While Fiorina’s campaign has been all about introducing her to Americans, Clinton’s campaign has been all about hiding and damage control."  I must say her campaign has been much more interesting so far than I'd thought.

Apropos: why Feminists needs to take Carly Fiorina seriously.  To me she is the epideme of the feminist ideal, a successful businesswoman who made it on her own, and is now running for President, with a stay-at-home husband who raised their kids.

Keurig CEO blames disasterous financials on DRM.  In which the coffeemaker made it impossible difficult for their machines to be used with third-party coffee, and consumers revolted.  At least he owned up to the problem and is fixing it.

lean startup train :)Dan Kaplan says Peter Thiel is wrong about lean startups.  This interesting analysis hinges on the definition of "lean", and there actually isn't much disagreement.  In his book Zero to One (which I loved!) Peter writes an MVP is nothing but a half-baked product that you launch and iterate as you succeed, while Dan thinks an MVP is a way to test your hypotheses.  But are those actually different points of view?  I link, you decide.

I included this picture of a cool train for the same reason TechCrunch did: it's a cool picture.  However it doesn't have anything to do with lean or startups or Dan or Peter :)

Cory Booker tweets that it's "not right" that someone must work 50 hours per week to escape poverty.  I guess I have to pay more taxes so that they don't?

Wow: NFL Report: 'Much more probable than not' that Tom Brady knew footballs were doctored.  So we have to ask: Why?  In no way is this the reason the best quarterback of the best team won, so ... why cheat?  Blech.

universal curvatureGood to know: it appears the universe is really, really flat.  Note that whether the universe is curved is a different question from how large it is; it can be both flat and expanding...

Hehe ... Investors loan Rhapsody $10M.  To which John Gruber commented, "Which fact is more surprising about this story: that Rhapsody still exists, or that RealNetworks not only still exists but has the money to loan Rhapsody?"  For me it is the latter; I don't know anyone who uses Real Networks for anything.  Amazing that they are still around...

Love this: the bullshit hypocracy of 'all-natural' foods.  People who eat "natural" or "organic" foods thinking they are healthier are kidding themselves...  I'd rather have GMO food and pesticides than bugs and diseases.

So, is Gwyneth Paltrow wrong about everything?  Pretty much... I love that phrase "celebrity pseudoscience", maybe we can also have "celebrity pseudoeconomics", and "celebrity pseudodiplomacy"?  Being famous for being entertaining doesn't make anyone an expert.


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