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Barcelona in winter

Monday,  05/16/05  09:46 PM

Another one for the "Global Cooling" file...
[ via the Horses Mouth ]

Winter in Barcelona...

Barcelona winter 1

Barcelona winter 2




As the laptop turns - episodes 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, and 12.4

Monday,  05/16/05  09:57 PM

The saga of my laptop trouble continues...  (Links to 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 4.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)  Here are episodes 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, and 12.4...

-----Original Message-----
From: Ole Eichhorn []
Monday, April 25, 20053:24 PM
Subject: episode 12.1 - as the laptop turns

Picture me whacking myself on the forehead.  Got that image in mind?  Okay.  Whack.

I just realized instead of asking for another port replicator, and returning the old / new one, I should have asked for something I don’t already have.  That would make up for the memory chip aggravation and then I wouldn’t have to return anything.  I have been plotting to buy a DVD recorder.  Everyone needs a DVD recorder, right?  Especially people who mess around with multi-GB digital images.  My new laptop has a DVD drive which is a CD recorder, but it needs a DVD recorder.

Okay, so a DVD recorder is $300.  This is more than the port replicator ($200) but less than the 1GB memory chip ($500).  Do I dare ask for this?  After they’ve already agreed to send a port replicator?  After they’ve probably already ordered a port replicator? 

What will I do?

Stay tuned.



-----Original Message-----
From: Ole Eichhorn []
Tuesday, April 26, 20053:05 PM
Subject: episode 12.2 - as the laptop turns

I did it.  You knew I would ;)  Stay tuned.



-----Original Message-----
From: Ole Eichhorn []
Tuesday, April 26, 20054:05 PM
Subject: episode 12.3 - as the laptop turns

Email received from my friend at HP:

-----Original Message-----
Tuesday, April 26, 20053:16 PM
To: Ole Eichhorn
Subject: RE: memory chip suggestion

I have obtained the part # for the drive:





I am going to order the drive today.

Wow, unbelievable.  Of course much can still go wrong, but much has already gone right.  Excellent.

Stay tuned :)



-----Original Message-----
From: Ole Eichhorn []
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 20055:07 PM
Subject: episode 12.4 - as the laptop turns

Memory arrived today.  Plugged it in.  Woo Hoo 1.5GB.

Since Windows uses about 200MB just sitting around, this is really an increase from 300MB to 1200MB.  Lovin’ it.

Of course I immediately launched ImageScope, set the cache size to 1GB, loaded my trusty Weinberg_A_40X slide, and ran a Positive Pixel Count on the entire image.  Think of it as the Aperio CPU and Memory test :|)  The full power of AAF is unveiled…

Lessons learned:

  • Memory really helps.  Extra memory really helps.  Windows loves memory.
  • Always buy memory from (or Crucial, or Kingston).  It really is a commodity, and it really is WAY less expensive when you don’t buy it from hardware vendors.

Nothing bad to report, sorry.  But stay tuned…


Continue to episode 13...


Monday,  05/16/05  10:07 PM

Cox & Forkum - "flushed"You've probably heard about the Newsweek fiasco by now; Glenn Reynolds posted a link-filled overview.  To me the main point is not that Newsweek screwed up and ran innuendo as fact.  Mainstream media like them have been doing that forever; it is horrible, but it is what it is.  No, the main point is that merely writing an article could cause religious zealots to go crazy and kill people.  The problem isn't Newsweek, it's the zealots.  And they seem to be Islamic zealots, 100% of the time.  Not that Newsweek isn't culpable, too...

Cox and Forkum did their usual fine job of capturing the point; see "flushed" at right.

GNXP: Thirty years of research on race differences in cognitive ability.  It is almost impossible to do research on this subject, you are immediately branded a racist regardless of your methodology or your findings.  Anyway I link, you decide.

There are a lot of interesting bloggers out there, a lot, but nobody is as different as Matt Webb.  Just check out this post about, well, stuff, and tell me he isn't different.  "If we have no expectations, there are no surprises; that's why it's hard to tell jokes to dogs."  I think that's pretty deep :)  Interconnected!

Harry Potter - triwizard tournament dragonComing this November, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  This link is to the teaser trailer; it is cool the way the start, showing the growth of the characters (and the actors that portray them).  And I can't wait to see the triwizard tournament; bring on the dragons!

Here's some important news: Supreme Court allows direct shipment of wine.  I'll drink to that - better distribution, more sources, lower prices.  It's all good. notes Dodger broadcasters honored.  Vin Scully is the best, no question.  Although I don't understand Spanish very well, so perhaps Jaime Jarrin is even better.  For sure the Dodgers are blessed to have such a wonderful team.  The sounds of summer, for sure.

Roomba vaccum = robot child-herderChris Anderson on the Roomba vacuum cleaner: Robot Child-Herders.  I love it!

Mark Pesce writes Piracy is Good - Hyperdistribution.  How Battlestar Galactica marked the end of TV as we know it; distribution models for Bittorrent.  [ via Adam Curry ]

Wired reports on Narrowcasting; or whatever you want to call online video distribution.  (I kind of like the category name Wired gives this stuff: "Digiwood" :)  So this is about Jeremy Allaire's Brightcove, and Akimbo, and Dave TV, and all the rest.  This is real.

Dell Tech Force - the movieThis is pretty funny: Dell Tech Force, the Movie.  The caricatures are perfect.  This is another kind of "amateur" video content.  [ via Engadget ]

Gizmodo discovers Apple is planning a remote for AirTunes - via an Apple error message.  "Apple must now sue itself for leaking info."  Har.  Anyway it will be a useful addition to an already useful appliance.  I just wonder if there won't be a video version...


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