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Thursday,  04/04/24  01:06 PM

Nope, not a post about Tesla's FSD feature - which I love, by the way - but about apps which use your contact information for marketing.  This is an instance of "just because you can doesn't mean you should".

We've all experienced this; an app has your contact info - phone#, email, or perhaps direct access because it is on your phone - and the info is there for alerts; notifications which have to do with the app's function.  And the silly marketing people decide "hey we can use this for marketing, too!"  Thereby pissing everyone off.

Instances of this:
- Apps like Doordash sending you marketing messages
- Skype sending news reports (probably one of the worst!)
- Apple photos offering you a "memory"
- Bank apps offering to "check your credit"
- Uber - a bad offender because you must have alerts enabled but then they use that channel for a million ads

Etc.  For some reason every app wants your attention.  In some cases I've blocked the app from notifications completely - degrading its function - and in extreme cases even deleted the app entirely - if you're going to be a bad actor, I don't want to work with you.

Please stay in your lane!