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Thursday,  09/11/08  11:12 PM

Well, another 9/11, and another year with no further terrorist attacks.  I will never forget, but it seems as time goes by more and more people are forgetting...  someone deserves credit for our security, right?  You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone...

I liked McCain's choice of Sarah Palin right away, but I'm amazed by how much it has changed the conversation around the election.  It almost seems to be Obama vs. Palin now...  and he comes out worse in this comparison.  Which helps McCain...

I've noticed a bitter anger among those who support Obama, even my friends.  They were nice while it seemed Obama was coasting to victory.  Now that the race is on (most polls show McCain ahead, even in the electoral vote department) they are worried, frustrated, and angry...

electoral college 09/11/08

Doc Searles, a rather easygoing Obama supporter, says Framing wins: "Palin is singlehandedly turning Obama into John Kerry".  Ouch.

Oh, no!  $100/gallon oil!  Oh wait a minute, this time we're approaching from the other direction  Whew.  Yes, Virginia, markets do work, especially if you just leave them alone...

Arnold the cyborgFull metal socket: how seniors became cyborgs.  "Twenty-four years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in The Terminator, a movie about a cyborg—part man, part machine—sent back in time from the year 2029...  Today, Schwarzenegger is 61, and the joke's on him. The cyborgs have arrived, and he's one of them. He's had a hip and two heart valves replaced, plus a femur repaired with screws, cables, and a metal plate."  Amazing.

Reminds me of the premise behind Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon.  In that book, set in the future, humans can buy "sleeves" - new bodies - and have their whole being transplanted.  It could happen!

Email addiction: five warning signs you need help.  The general suggestions are good, right along the lines we talked about earlier...  Of course, the first step in any addiction is recognizing you have a problem :)


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