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Monday,  02/17/03  10:49 PM

AC 2003 race 3: finish!
AC 2003 race 3: finish!

Another great America's Cup race today; Alinghi won this one, too, taking a 3-0 lead in the best-of-nine series.  It was basic sailboat racing; Alinghi started on time at the pin and hit the favored right, while TNZ started late and went left.  The shift filled in and the game was over.  The racing was close but TNZ could never catch in the steady breezes.  Let the debating begin: if the Swiss win, where will they defend the Cup?  (Lake Geneva is a little small for these boats :)  I suggest Holland...

Garry Kasparov pens his thoughts on his recent match against Deep Junior in the WSJ's Opinion Journal.  "In game five of my match with Deep Junior it played an imaginative sacrifice of the type generally considered impossible for a computer player..."

ESPN launched a sort of hybrid web page / annimation / video thing today called ESPN Motion.  It uses an ActiveX control (download!) and Flash to drive movie clips.  The interesting wrinkle is their store-and-forward approach; they download video not-in-realtime, so you don't have to wait.  Pretty cool, but the music has to go.

Everything on Daypop is about Google buying Blogger.  Go there and read it all if you're interested...  Seems like it will be important, but I don't have a take, yet.

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