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Thursday,  05/30/24  08:05 AM

Posted by my friend Keith on his Facebook:

I have no idea where I-94 is (Chicago maybe?) but we can all relate to this, those seemingly endless road construction projects where someone is making a career out of adding a lane.  For me it is PCH into Santa Barbara, which has been ongoing since the time of Jesus and will continue long after he’s back.

These projects are an instance of a class, government projects, where there is no incentive to do a good job fast, and so people do a bad job slowly, while the meter runs.  In theory these things are put out for bid, but as we know they are often awarded to insiders and then once started, they go on forever, paid for by us.

This is why I am opposed to government -anything, whether it be healthcare, education, science, etc.  And/or roadwork.  Anyone who thinks the government is better than private industry at anything, please feel free to list counter examples.  It will be a short list.