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Sunstroke Series begins - It's the Water!

Thursday,  05/02/24  10:54 PM

Tonight was the inaugural regatta of South Coast Corinithian Yacht Club's Sunstroke Series, which runs on Thu nights all summer long until the time changes.  My venerable C-15 "It's the Water" was back in action.  My crew Carly and I took four bullets - yay - and had a blast in the perfect conditions: 10 knots from the West in the Marina Del Rey main channel.

Here's a little video from race 2, for your viewing pleasure...

I continue to be amazed by my little GoPro 5.  It is virtually indescructable and takes such amazing, stablized video, and embeds a GPS track to enable the gauges to be rendered with realtime speed and track.  Yes of course I have it on a 3D-printed stalk so it sits above the rudder and can get this point of view.  So cool.

Onward into the sailing summer!