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San Fran Five-Oh

Saturday,  10/07/23  09:06 AM

Good morning!  I haven't blogged for (checks Archive) six months now ... sigh*. That is to say, I haven't blogged here; I just got back from competing in the 2023 505-Class World Championship, in San Francisco, and blogged about it elsewhere.

It was an unbelievable experience filled with problems and solutions and bad moment and great ones, and now that it's over I can't wait to do it again.  Or something like it. 

This is my fourth Worlds in three years; 2021 J/70 Worlds in Marina Del Rey, 2021 Moth Worlds in Malcensine, Italy, 2022 J/70 Worlds in Monaco, and now this one.  Would be most excellent to keep this string going...

* If you're looking at my Archive you can see; I go in and out of blogging.  Not sure why I stop, and not sure why I start again...  Stay tuned!