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Superbowl Eve

Saturday,  02/01/20  07:51 PM

Superbowl LIIVAre you ready for some Superbowl?  As always it seems so long from December to the Superbowl, and thoughts of football have already left my head.  And who should I root for?  I usually root for the West Coast, or the NFC, but the 49ers?  Argh.

I think ... yeah, the Chiefs.  They haven't been in it for a loong time...

ObductionGames to play ... Obduction!  From Cyan, billed as a spiritual successor to Myst and Riven.  Okay, I'll try it.  I'm not much of a gamer, but I do like the puzzly-a-la-Myst kind.

Books to read ... A Truck Full of Money.  From Tracy Kidder.  "A perfectly executed, exquisitely reported parable of the Internet age and the wild, mad adventure that is start-up culture."  Okay, then.

Edward Snowden: "The problem of fake news isn't solved by hoping for a referee but rather because we as participants, we as citizens, we as users of these services help each other. The answer to bad speech is not censorship. The answer to bad speech is more speech."  Amen.

Led Zep - Dazed and ConfusedThe incomparable Led Zep, performing Dazed and Confused live in 1973.  Yes of course Jimmy Page is playing guitar with a cello bow.  JPJ and Bonham are enjoying the show as much as we are.  And Plant the voice!  The correct volume for this is 11.

I saved this so I could link it for you: a wide-ranging interview with Peter Thiel.  I had the privilege of working for Peter for while, back at PayPal, when he was still just Peter.  He was smart then and smarter now.

Read the article and you'll see; he has this pleasant trick of always being between you and the middle, no matter where you are.

From Eric Raymond: Three reasons to believe the Wuhan virus is a bioweapon.

  1. Propagation stats.  Too high inside China, too low elsewhere.
  2. Engineering.  Four sequences appears to be the same as the AIDS virus.
  3. Location.  The only P4 lab in China is ... in Wuhan.


Onward to tomorrow...  hope you have a Super day!

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