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yellow week

Tuesday,  01/21/20  11:29 PM

yellow day Then comes a yellow week, and wheeeeeeeeeee.  I am a busy, buzzy bee.

Note to self: don't attend conferences, visit vendors, and meet with partners the week after your company is acquired.  You will not sleep.

So, how's it going?  Great, thanks for asking.  I've been busy - it's all happening! - but it's all good.  And now for a nice little filter pass...

I do try to stay away from politics, but if you didn't listen to this, you should: Trump's speech at Davos.  A pretty optimistic take.

Apropos: The distribution of the world's wealth.  Click to see a most illuminating diagram ... biggest surprise for me was Japan [still] in third place, well ahead of Germany, the UK, and France.

Brad Feld: The American Tailwind, a recounting of Warren Buffet's most recent Berkshire Hathaway annual letter.

Peter SaganVelonews stories of the decade: Peter Sagan.  Sorry Chris Froome but yes he was the best rider of the 2010s.  Three world championships in a row and six green jerseys.  And he had fun, and we did too, watching.

Congratulations!  To Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair, for 20 years of blogging at Boing Boing.  I so remember the early days of blogging, and Boing Boing was one of the first great group blogs.  And they still are...

Dave Winer: I want my old blog back.  He veered into Twitter-land, but now he's back.

Blogging pioneer Jason Kottke notes: Tim Bray is still blogging.  "The great danger is that the Web’s future is mall-like: No space really public, no storefronts but national brands’, no visuals composed by amateurs, nothing that’s on offer just for its own sake, and for love."

And one more early blogger: Jon Udell: I get to be a blogger.  Me, too :)

SpaceX DragonSpaceX are gearing up to send actual people into space; as a next step, they conducted a flawless in-flight abort test.  "Designed to prove that Crew Dragon can safely escape a failing Falcon 9 rocket at essentially any point from the launch pad to orbit, SpaceX voluntarily chose to perform a full-fidelity IFA test - blowing up a SpaceX rocket - something NASA left up to both it and Boeing."  Excellent.

From Sept, 2016: How human will colonize Mars (Elon Musk livestream).  SpaceX isn't just going to send actual people into space, they're going to land them on Mars.  What a time to be alive!

tribe sellingFrom Gilles Raymond in Jean-Louis Gassee's Monday Note: Tribe Selling.  This is a little different take on Gladwell's Tipping Point, and "influencers".

Good news: Trump administration proposes school nutrition guidelines with less fruit, vegetables.  Bring back Ding Dongs!

And a little postscript ... one of the things I missed most about not blogging was not being able to see what I would have blogged about.  And looking at those old posts, I am struck that "news of the day" doesn't last, but "interesting new things" does.  I'll try to remember that...

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