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Sunday,  03/15/15  10:01 PM

Renovo beautyWhew, a long and interesting weekend ... with a long and interesting week ahead!  And then I'm off for two weeks, on a long and interesting trip to Boston (business) and London (pleasure, visiting my daughter Alexis, who is studying there for a semester).  But meanwhile, it's all happening...

The pic at right is a Renovo beauty.  Just couldn't resist :)

March madness ?I have to confess, with March Madness impending I am not feeling it.  I don't have a rooting interest and I haven't watch a single game of basketball this year.  I have a Tivo with four tuners which has been recording game after game after game but I just can't feign interest.  Not sure why.

Easy to do: Imagining Scott Walker vs Hillary Clinton.  Quite a contrast.

California droughtYikes: California has just one year of water left.  And then what?

Well this is exciting: Tesla promises to end 'range anxiety' on March 19th.  Calendar, marked.  They've said it will be a software update available to all current cars, so I suspect they'll have a new feature which automatically reduces the car's power to get you where you need to go.  Sort of like a cruise control but for power instead of speed.  (I've asked them for that already :)

Richie Porte wins Paris-NiceCongratulations to Richie Porte for winning the Paris-Nice stage race.  He won in fine style, by winning the final time trial up the Col d'Eze.  I rode up that in a car once, and wow, what a climb. Good for him.

Are streaming music companies about to bite the dust?  An overly dramatic headline - the article isn't nearly as skeptical - but it does raise an important issue; even the most successful of these companies like Spotify and Pandora are not growing.  They're good businesses but perhaps not VC-fundable revolutionary huge-IPO businesses...

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