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gone sailing!

Thursday,  06/18/09  01:03 PM

Huntington Lake!I'm off!  Or should I say "we're off"; just about to drive up to Huntington Lake, at 7,000' in the Sierras, North-East of Fresno, to crew for Megan in the C-15 North American Championships.  Should be excellent!

A few quick notes on the way out...

I14 on Donner LakeParticularly apropos considering I'm sailing on a windy mountain lake this weekend, check out this picture of an International-14 on Donner Lake.  Wow.  You must click through to enlarge, what a great shot...

I had to switch from my Pre back to my Centro.  The battery life on the Pre was too horrible.  I need an actual phone for this weekend...  after my local Sprint store has more units in and can swap, I'll switch back.  I remain hopeful that my particular unit was defective and that they don't all have such horrible battery life.

RAAM 2009 route mapRAAM is under way!  A 3,000 mile cycle race from California to Maryland, wow.  I always think this is the weirdest thing, that RAAM doesn't get more press coverage.  It is an incredible event.  The route is a single stage, 35% longer than the Tour de France, and the athletes finish in 9 days instead of 23.  No stopping to sleep, eat, nothing.  On and on and on until you finish.  Wow.

ZooBorn: Tawny Frogmouth hatchling (aka fuzzball)Can you handle this ZooBorn?  It is a Tawny Frogmouth hatchling.  Personally I would say it is the living embodiment of "fuzzball" :)

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