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Saturday,  03/07/09  10:59 PM

LaPosta Malbec / BonardaThe Ole filter makes a pass...  from Bahstan...  had a fantastic dinner tonight, in the North End (Hanover Street), at a restaurant called Taranta, a combination Peruvian / Italian, beet salad w goat cheese, killer homemade ravioli stuffed with Porchini and artichokes, lamb shank marinated in red wine, accompanied by an Argentinean Malbec / Bonarda blend...  it was pretty great...

I've noticed a trend - I discover a new appellation for cheap inexpensive good wines, the world discovers the same thing, the prices rise, and I have to move on.  This happened to me with Chilean Cabernet, Australian Shiraz, Spanish Tempranillo, and now, Argentinean Malbec.  DO not buy this wine.  It will only cause them to raise the prices :)

Telling it like it is: Hillary Clinton says 'never waste a good crisis'.  Part of Clinton's apology tour, echoing Rahm Emanuel.  I would say Obama is totally wasting this one.  He has already squandered a great deal of the goodwill with which he entered office - mine included...

Glenn Reynolds nails it: what if George Bush or Dick Cheney had said something like that?

Reid Hoffman interviewed by Charlie RoseReid Hoffman on Charlie Rose: Every individual is now an entrepreneur.  Now, and was before, too.  LinkedIn isn't new - Reid started it in 2002, shortly after leaving PayPal (after it was acquired by eBay), but it is definitely the right business for *now*.

Looking to be LinkedIn: Robert Scoble leaves FastCompany.  It will be most interesting to see where he lands...  and I hope it means he will go back to posting more often.  Robert sort of disappeared into Twitter-land for a while.

Brad Feld wants Daily Data from the companies in which he invests.  As I commented on his blog: "I have to disagree with this... giving board members 'daily data' encourages them to micromanage the business...  Boards are great for advice, big picture discussions, introductions to relevant contacts, and strategy. Get them involved in day to day operations of a small company and bad things happen."  There's a good discussion in the comments; most agree with Brad.

Kepler satellite blastoff: the planet hunterNASA's "planet hunter" blasts into the sky.  It is interesting how preoccupied we are with "finding life" in space; so much of the public PR for our missions revolves around it, and this mission seems focused on it (as do in some sense the Mars missions).  Truly the space missions are conducting science, and the practical aspects are honing technology and paving the way for man's future colonization of space.  Finding life of any kind would be incredible, but I think the probability is low.

night and day in Beverly HillsNight and Day in Beverly Hills.  I love it!

The ultimate straight line: Vote now for Miss Nuclear Reactor 2009.  An actual Russian contest, apparently...  I like this one: white smoke does not mean we have a winner.

[From Shirley: may the most explosive woman win]

Good timing: Catching the Healthcare IT wave.  Perhaps they're a great company, who knows, but I must tell you this swilling at the federal trough rubs me the wrong way.  Perhaps the worst effect (among many) of the stimulus bill...

Related: Is Healthcare a right?  My answer: no.  This one can be debated on both sides, though...

Video killed the video store.  Bye bye Blockbuster, we hardly knew ya...  I totally called this, the Blue Ray vs HD DVD thing was a non thing; online video is the future.

John Gruber wonders why we aren't talking to our iPods.  I guess it might work, but perhaps not; the background noise in many environments would just screw things up.

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