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Monday,  03/02/09  10:05 PM

A roller coaster day...  it began early, as I was up late, and then headed down immediately as I discovered a unplanned IT fire.  I also experienced a cold shower of reality reading the Monday morning news...  but later I had a couple of nice conversations with friends, which pulled me up, and rediscovered for the nth time how much better I feel working to music (Journey, if you must know, remember them?).  So the equation for the day is: friends + music = happyer.

A year ago I posted this rather nice think piece: entertainment: "Why would people labor so hard to entertain each other, instead of working on something 'useful'?"  Weird, eh?  Must be making each other happyer :) 

Warren Buffet has posted his annual letter to shareholders.  2008 was Berkshire Hathaway's worst year ever, so the letter contains some nice humility.  It isn't optimistic either.  They lost $11.5B, which makes me feel better by comparison...

electronic medical recordsThe NYTimes discusses How to make electronic medical records a reality.  "Washington is about to embark on an ambitious government-guided effort to jump-start a market - in electronic health records...  In its economic recovery package, the Obama administration plans to spend $19 billion to accelerate the use of computerized medical records in doctors’ offices.  Medical experts agree that electronic patient records, when used wisely, can help curb costs and improve care."  And as I never tire of pointing out, electronic medical records require digital pathology to incorporate the vital pathology information for a case.

Yamaha digital pianoWho knew?  The Economist reports a digital piano good enough for Carnegie Hall may have arrived.  So be it.

Today's fish story: Nokia phone still works after a week inside a fish.  This one is hard to believe.

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