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Sunday,  02/15/09  10:13 AM

I have a lot of work to do today, but it's Sunday, so I'm probably not going to do it :)  Or at least I plan to escape for a longish ride.  I did Rockstore yesterday with my friend Peter, on my mountain bike, and it was great.  (And we stopped at Sundance Cycles on the way and oogled some Orcas...  man, I think I'm really in love, just haven't quite admitted it yet :)

TOC - Fabian Cancellara wins the prologueSo you did watch the Tour of California prologue yesterday, right?  Because if you didn't, you missed a fun race, and I'm about to spoil it for you by telling you what everyone predicted indeed happened, Fabian Cancellara won and Levi Leipheimer finished a close second.  Lance was tenth.  It was great.  Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was that Floyd finished 60th; I'm happy to see him back and he was never great at short time trials, but that was surprisingly bad, for him.

Today we have a rainy stage 1 from Davis to Santa Rosa, a race everyone expects will end in a sprint finish.  Look for Mark Cavendish to, er, make his mark...  I will be glued to the Tivo a bit later on...

Lance responds to KimmageI meant to link this Friday, but forgot: video of Lance Armstrong tearing a new one for Paul Kimmage, the Irish pro-cyclist-turned-journalist who recently commented on Lance's return: "the cancer is back".  I think Lance handles it perfectly: "you are not worth the chair you are sitting on".  And that look - whoa.

Obama prepares to sign milestone stimulus bill.  Noooo!  Don't do it!  As we piss away $787B we don't have...

McDonald observatoryThe coolest looking observatories on Earth.  These are excellent choices, but I must tell you I think just about all observatories are cool looking.  There's just something science fictiony and futuristic about them.  Space, the final frontier, and all that...

In re: Twitter's new $35M funding round: mining the thought stream.  I swear, this is the most dramatic case of an emperor not wearing any clothes.  I can't wait for the house of cards to crash.

Rogers Cadenhead: sharing blog posts on your Facebook profile.  This is exactly what I want to do, too... stay tuned...

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