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Megan shoots, and scores!

Tuesday,  09/23/08  09:22 PM

Some parental chest beating...  my daughter Megan is amazing.  First, here's what happened:

Latshaw finalist in Discovery competition

Now, how did this happen?  Steve Latshaw was Megan's fifth grade teacher last [school] year, and among his many skills, he is a great science teacher.  And Megan loves science, so this was a wonderful match.  Mr. Latshaw thought it would be cool to enter a Discovery Channel competition, on "how to teach Newton's Laws in two minutes".  He designed a lesson, got all the kids in the class involved, and arranged for various parents to videotape it.  On her own bat, Megan decided to bring in her Flip video camera, and taped the lesson also... 

Flip video camera{ By the way, these little Flip video cameras are really cool.  Nothing is safe from being recorded around our house anymore :)  The idea of putting the software on the camera, accessible via the USB interface, was genius.  Nothing to install! }

... so it turns out none of the parents who videotaped the lesson came through with a finished video.  But Megan edited her video (on her iMac, using iMovie, of course :) and showed it to Mr. Latshaw, who was impressed, and they recorded a voice over, and she edited that in, and then we submitted it, and the upshot is that Mr. Latshaw was chosen as one of the Discovery Challenge finalists!

How cool is that!  BTW Megan is 11...


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