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Wednesday,  09/10/08  11:10 PM

Apparently Joe Biden said Hillary might be a better VP candidate than he is.  And in so saying, makes the statement true.  Wow.  An impressive job of putting both feet in his mouth at once.

Apple: Let's RockApple: Let's RockDid you watch the Jobsnote from Apple's Let's Rock event yesterday?  As always, interesting for the form as well as the content; the announcements were somewhat predictable and had indeed been largely predicted; nonetheless good steady progress for Apple's music business.  John Gruber posted a nice summary if you'd rather just read about it.  Personally I'm rather interested in playing with the new "Genius" feature in iTunes, which makes playlists from compatible songs in your library.

I have to say, this was not Steve at his finest.  The drama was missing, and he had more voice noise ("um...") than usual.  Still, Steve at 50% is better than most anyone else at 110%.

BTW, why is the Quicktime player the slowest-loading application on the planet?  Just asking.

BMW/Oracle trimaranThe other day I posted a picture of BMW/Oracle's new America's Cup sailboat.  Here's another one.  The sheer scale of this thing is incredible, the mast is 158' high.  (click to enbiggen)

What your [global] neighbors are buyingA very cool interactive graphic chart map thing, from the NYTimes: What your neighbors are buying.  I'd like more categories, please!

Glenn Reynolds wishes he could go to the Singularity Summit.  Don't worry Glenn, you can always go [back], many times.  In fact, you may have gone [back] already...

ChromeSafariOperaFirefoxMozillaInternet ExplorerNetscapeMosaicThe history of the user agent.  In which truth is told, and an incredible morass is explained.  And there was humor, and it was okay.  [ via Daring Fireball, who comments "what a mess".  Indeed. ]


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