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Tuesday,  09/02/08  10:06 PM

September, Day 2.  A day of work - many meetings, conference calls, status reports to read and write and review and reply to...  I was frazzled all day, my todo list is now longer than when I started, and the one thing I had to do - for which I am on negative time - I never did.  I love Mondays, especially when they fall on a Tuesday.

One bright note: after being frazzled all day and almost talking myself out of riding altogether, I did make it onto my bike and rode my usual route around Westlake and through Hidden Valley in 1:16:56, an all-time record.  This route is 25.5 miles so that works out to an average of 19.97 mph.  I am -> <- this close to averaging 20, which would be awesome!  (Yes, there are three short but reasonably steep climbs, and one longer one at the end - it is no cakewalk; here's the route profile, courtesy of

Hidden Valley route profile

Okay, I know; who cares.  Well, I care, and this is my blog.  You get what you pay for :)

In the Asia Times, "Spengler" explains How Obama lost the election.  You might disagree, and events may prove him wrong, but it is certainly an interesting and well reasoned point of view.

Google Chrome logoSo like everyone (probably like you?) I tried Google Chrome, and I liked it.  Very fast, very clean.  Worked really well and I encountered no problems, and I liked the extra real estate and lack of clutter.  But then I chanced to load a site with ads, and I suddenly remembered why I prefer Firefox: Adblock.  There is simply no contest when Firefox extensions are added into the mix.  YMMV, but I doubt it.

browser market shareHere's an interesting point: Who cares about Chrome, IE6 has 25% market share.  "Everyone is writing about the features of the new browser, and its strategic significance. The product sounds great, but I can only get but so excited.  Why?  Because as a developer, Chrome seems to me to be little more than pissing in the wind.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer controls around 75% of the browser market, and that’s not the bad news.  The bad news is that Internet Explorer version 6 has 25% of the market.True.

Of course, the real competition for Chrome isn't IE, or even Firefox.  The real competition is Windows and OS X.  If you don't believe it, check out the Chromium developer documentation: "In the long term, we think of Chromium as a tabbed window manager or shell for the web rather than a browser application.  We avoid putting things into our UI in the same way you would hope that Apple and Microsoft would avoid putting things into the standard window frames of applications on their operating systems."  Ha!

Shuttle Atlantis breaking the sound barrierToday's picture of the day: Atlantis breaking the sound barrier.

Jason Calcanis explains how to demo your startup.  Ten simple rules, starting with "show your product within the first 60 seconds".  I so believe this.  And later, violating his own stricture to keep it simple, he adds how to demo your startup, part 2, with eight more rules :)  They're not bad, but not as fundamental as the first ten, IMHO.

Here's an interesting twist on online dating: Psismic.  The idea is that you post stuff you like, and other people do too, and they match you with other people who like the same things you do.  Seems like it might work?

I've often thought that if you listed your top ten favorite songs, or movies, or wines, or anything - it would be a pretty unique "signature".  How many people have the same ten favorite songs?

Dash GPS - with realtime trafficRemember I posted about Dash?  This is a GPS unit that makes realtime decisions based on traffic.  Each Dash subscriber not only receives updates, but contributes to the traffic database by sending telemetry.  Sounds like a great idea - and guess what? - today I received an email telling me I'm under consideration for beta-testing Dash in the L.A. area!  Wow, how cool is that!  Anyway I filled out their survey and we'll see what happens - stay tuned...



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