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Thursday,  07/24/08  09:55 PM

A quiet day today...  spent much of it coding and testing, and documenting...  followed by an easy ride, and then dinner with friends.  Feeling calm and sleepy :)

Today I received a fax from my car dealer, and it was in color!  I had no idea there was such a thing as color fax, let alone that my fax machine (which is also an inkjet printer) was capable of receiving them.  So be it, what a great time to be alive :)

ein bullslingerAs regular readers know, I am an enthusiastic subscriber to New Yorker magazine, despite disagreeing with their strongly left-leading politics.  I often find the leaders amusing for the blatant political bias.  In the most recent issue (featuring the now-already-famous cover of Michele and Barack Obama in the oval office), Henrik Hertzberg goes incredibly far out of his way trying to paper over Obama's flip-flops.  It is actually quite funny.  I especially liked this: "Obama, it turns out, is a politician.  In this respect he resembles the forty-three Presidents he hopes to succeed."  And the article wraps up with this summary: "Flip-flops are preferable to cement shoes, especially in summertime.Flip-flops: change you can believe in!

What I find interesting is that this election is becoming a referendum on Barack Obama.  You would think it would be all about George Bush, and that Obama would win because too many Americans don't like Bush, but that is not what is happening.  In fact as I think about it, Kerry snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in 2004 in exactly the same way, he allowed the election to became a referendum on him.

Ann Althouse: Joe Klein's scurrilous meltdown.  Seems Klein and Hertzberg are cut from the same cloth.

Meanwhile Powerline reports: McCain closes the gap.

So Microsoft has been showing users a new operating system called 'Mojave', and it is getting rave reviews.  Turns out Mojave is really just Vista in disguise.  The point is that Vista's PR is so poor that people dislike it without even knowing what it is.  However Microsoft is missing the real point, which is that people don't dislike Vista because of its features, or lack thereof; people dislike Vista because it is too slow, and requires too much machine resource.  Mojave would presumably suffer from the same ills, were it to be released :)  Those poor guys, they just don't get it.  All Windows 7 has to do to succeed is to be faster than XP.  That's all.

I just want to note for all you bloggers and would-be bloggers: nothing is more boring than blogging about blogging.  When someone says they're traveling or whatever and "posting will be light", who cares?  Either post, or do not.  (There is no try!)


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