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Wednesday,  02/22/06  06:44 PM

the source of painI have been skiing for the past few days, with boots which do not like my feet.  Or actually my feet do not like the boots.  How I came by these boots - high-end Technicas, if you must know - is a story for another day.  Anyway it is a fact that there is variation among human feet, and the shape of a particular human's feet may not match the canonical shape for which a particular manufacturer's boot were designed.  And so it was with my feet and the Technicas.  But I digress from the main subject, which is...

PAIN.  Yes despite having a wonderful week of skiing in wonderful conditions with my wonderful kids and wonderful friends, I was in pain.  And hence I had the chance to do an impromptu review of pain relievers.  In the public interest, here are my findings:

On day one I did nothing.  Pain.

AdvilOn day two I took three Advil in the morning.  Less pain, but pain.

TylenolOn day three I took three Tylenol in the morning, and three Tylenol around noon.  The effect of the Tylenol was unnoticeable, basically I had the same amount of pain before and after.

StolichnayaOn day four I took three Advil in the morning, and drank two black Russians at noon.  Way less pain.  I suspect that the Advil was helpful, based on day one, but the Stolichnaya was way more helpful.  As well, perhaps the combination was helpful.  Next time I will begin drinking early in the morning. :)

On day five I took 10mg of Heroin.  Worked perfectly, no pain!  I think?  Just kidding.  I think.  Or was that just a dream?

Actually, on day five I blogged about it.  And my conclusion: If you are in pain, Stolichnaya > Advil > Tylenol.  Your mileage may vary.

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