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Monday,  02/21/05  10:14 PM

I had a good day today, thanks for asking.  One of those days where you clean up a lot of loose ends, and feel virtuous as a result...

"the world" - an island development opportunityHere we have "The World", 300 islands in the shape of the world, a unique investment opportunity.  Amazing.  You, too, could own California - or France.  Check it out!  [ via Tom Coates ]

"the Posiden" - underwater hotelIn the same vein, here we have "The Poseidon", a five-star $1,500 per night hotel under water in the Bahamas.  [ via Cory Doctorow ]

John Stanforth: Why do we overcommit?  Read it all, but essentially, we are better at measuring tangible resources than we are intangibles like time.  Oh.

Yippee the Economist has RSS feeds.  Welcome to the party, boys.  This is one of the few magazines left that adds value; I look forward to getting updates in between issues.  And stay tuned for links :)

For a typically insightful articles, consider The Economics of Sharing.  "Economists have not always found it easy to explain why self-interested people would freely share scarce, privately owned resources.  Their understanding, though, is much clearer than it was 20 or 30 years ago: co-operation, especially when repeated, can breed reciprocity and trust, to the benefit of all."  There is no such thing as altruism, but enlightened self-interest is another story...

Flash kaleidoscopeThis is pretty cool, a kaleidoscopic use of Flash.  Move your mouse back and forth for extra weirdness.  Kinda makes you want to inhale, doesn't it :)  [ via collision detection, in a link titled "dude" ]

parallel linesIf you like that, you might enjoy this graphic, too.  Just too weird what your brain does after it gets the signal from your eyes, huh?

Thrasymachus at GNXP considers The Flynn Debate.  "Possibilities: 1) The Flynn Effect is based on bad data.  2) The Flynn Effect tracks non-g rises in IQ.  3) The Flynn Effect measures a rise in g. Therefore better environments improve g a lot.  4) The entire concept of g is somehow faulty  5) The entire concept of IQ is somehow faulty."  I like (1), but he likes (3).  I'm pretty sure g is not that tied to environment...

Basketball.  Whoa.  [ Via Jane Galt, via Marginal Revolution, via Ottmar Liebert. ]

Via Dave Winer, Howard Greenstein links the User's Guide to the Brain.  Looks like a cool book, I've one-clicked it.  I have a brain, but I never got the user's guide.  I guess I'm one of those people who never read the manual.  It would be nice to hit F1 for online help once in a while :)

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