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Monday,  01/05/04  09:53 PM

Hey, this is progress!  Pakistan's Musharraf Meets Indian Leader Vajpayee.  Maybe they just discussed cricket (probably, they did!), but any dialogue between these two leaders is great.

More good news: The Afghan Loya Jirga approved a new constitution Sunday.  "The charter, ratified after a last-minute deal to recognize minority languages, creates a strong presidential system that the country's U.S.-backed interim leader, Hamid Karzai, says is critical to uniting a country torn by two decades of war.  It also states that men and women should be treated equally--a key demand of human rights groups."  Wow.  That's just about all I can say.  [ via Citizen Smash ]

Apparently the CIA thinks the new Bin Ladin tape is authentic.  I have a funny reaction to this; I'm actually pleased that he might still be alive.  Because if he is, we'll catch him.  And that would be good.

I wonder what he thinks of the new Afghan constitution?  His actions sure backfired, didn't they!

So, Pete Rose did bet on baseball?  Nice of him to come clean, but he still did it, you know?  I don't think he belongs in the Hall of Fame.  We need the deterrent.

Ars Technica has a thorough review of Windows XP SP2.  "Service Pack 2 addresses security concerns, fixes previous security issues, and implements new security features... Windows XP SP2 is all about security."  It also features an IE update which - yippee - blocks pop-ups.

Steve JobsAnd tomorrow will bring - Macworld!  Yippee another Steve Jobs keynote.  What hardware will be announced...  a new smaller iPod?  The iBox?  You know we'll get iTunes business updates.  What about software?  New video editing software?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see :)


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