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Monday,  11/17/03  09:52 PM

Right now my frames poll is running 20% in favor, 69% opposed, with 9% undecided.  If this was a fight, they'd stop it.  Wow.  I guess it's goodbye to frames...

So Mr. Arnold is now Governor Arnold.  And he wasted no time living up to his first campaign promise by canceling the 300% increase in vehicle registration fees.  "Schwarzenegger now has to deal with a shortfall expected to be at least $11.5 billion next year -- a gap he promised voters he would eliminate without raising taxes or cutting education spending."  I see the world's biggest bond issue, coming up...

Dave Winer proposes we ask candidates to pledge to keep the Internet free of interference from the entertainment industry.  "It's a poison pill that a candidate we can trust would happily take."  Absolutely.

Garry Kasparov crushes X3D Fritz in game three to tie the match.  Some observers feel this was the best game a human has ever played against a computer.  "X3D Fritz looked completely confused almost from the beginning.  The opening moves of the game created a closed position with very little active play for the powerful pieces.  In such positions the human ability to make long-term plans becomes far more effective than the machine's ability to calculate variations."  So perhaps the chess-domain Turing test has not yet been passed!

SpaceX has posted an October update.  I love reading about these guys, who are attempting to send a man into orbit as a private venture.  (Note: this is not to be confused with the X-prize contestants, who merely are attempting to send a man into space, a much easier proposition.)

Meanwhile, NASA is debating how to kill off the Hubble Space Telescope.

MSNBC: Seven flights of fancy that fizzled.  #1 on the list is flying cars, of course.

Adam Cvijanovic 01
(click to visit gallery)

This work is just beautiful!  Check out Adam Cvijanovic's Bellwether gallery.  [ via Ottmar Liebert ]

Scoble links some awesome Sand Art.  Wow!

Dave Sifry: Technorati growing pains.  "Right now, we're adding 8,000-9,000 new weblogs every day, not counting the 1.2 Million weblogs we already are tracking.  That means that on average, a brand new weblog is created every 11 seconds.  We're also seeing about 100,000 weblogs update every day as well, which means that on average, a weblog is updated every 0.86 seconds."  Yep, it's just a fad.

Oritron networked DVD playerSlashdot has an interesting review of the Oritron networked DVD player.  Looks really cool!  I wonder how long it will take before all DVD players are networked as a matter of course?

You know that SPOT watch you've had your eye on?  Better be patient, as Microsoft, Partners delay SPOT watches.  So be it.

Seiko have figured out a way to charge batteries wirelessly!  Now that would be useful.  Almost as good as getting rid of batteries altogether.  Wireless power, anyone?

I'm going to let y'all stew on the hexagonal cubic bisection stuff a bit longer.  I know you've been working on it nonstop :)

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