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Sunday,  11/16/03  08:48 AM

Hard to believe it is November 16th, eh?  Seems like only yesterday I started blogging.  And then it was summer.  And now - Thanksgiving!  Not yet, but soon.  So be it.

Schwarzenegger on Immigration; his agenda, and godless' analysis.  Arnold: "The costs of providing social services to these individuals and incarcerating illegal immigrants is staggering - easily exceeding $3 billion a year."  godless: "Truth!  The figures are probably substantially larger than $3 billion, but the simple acknowledgement of this fact by the Governor of California is a major step.  Illegal and unskilled immigration are net economic losers."

AlwaysOn notes Arnold Promises to Boost Silicon Valley

He will be inaugurated on Monday.  So far he's been confined to speeches, now let's see if he really is a man of action!

Stephen Den Beste analyzes bin Laden's strategy.  "He unquestionably completely misjudged the American people...  bin Laden's strategy was to get God, or Allah, involved in the war against the infidel."  In order to make sense of Islam, you must shift your point of view.

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You might be a geek if this picture makes your heart beat faster.  From Fortune: The amazing back of the Yamaha RX-Z9 receiver.  Uh, Santa, I've been a good boy this year.  Really.

Pinnacle ShowCenterHere's what I really want, the Pinnacle ShowCenter.  It looks like there's finally a media adapter that does "everything", and at $300 it seems reasonably priced.  Stay tuned.

Rosie the Jetson's robotCory Doctorow in the NYTimes about Domesticating the (Electronic) Help.  A short survey of the home robots available today.  The technology keeps improving, but the promise of the Jetson's Rosie remains elusive.

Harry Fletcher: Why Microsoft Wants to buy Google.  The good news is that if MS did buy Google, and did "strip it naked and castrate it", something else would come along to take Google's place.  The 'net routes around censorship.

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