Critical Section

Where There's Smoke...

Sunday,  10/26/03  06:05 PM

Simi Valley fire...There's Fire!

We have raging brush fire here in Ventura County, fueled by hot, dry Santa Ana winds and high temperatures.  So far 80,000 acres have been burned in Simi Valley, and fourteen homes have been destroyed.  The Ronald Reagan library is threatened, as are the communities of Moorpark and Wood Ranch.  Portions of Highway 23 and 118 have been closed.

We're not in immediate danger here in Westlake Village, but we've spent the day under a gloomy yellow cloud with ashes everywhere.  The sun is a dull orange disk.  These Santa Ana winds are miserable anyway, and now they're dangerous.  Everyone is snappy and worried.  Not good.

Fires are burning in other parts of Southern California as well.  A big fire in Crestline has 40,000 people evacuated.  Nearly 400 homes have been destroyed in Clairmont.  And down in San Diego, a fire north of Miramar has burned 90,000 acres, claimed 100 homes, and caused the entire town of Ramona to be evacuated.  Really not good.

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