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Sunday,  08/10/03  10:16 AM

Paul Martin will likely be Canada's next Prime Minister.  ("Hasta la vista, Jean Cretin!")  He also has a blogThat is so cool!  [ via Dave Winer ]  Yeah, this blogging stuff is just a fad, eh?

Here's a positive story from the Middle East; an Israeli conductor giving free concerts to Palestinians.  It is naive to think all the problems could be solved this way, but it sure is a hopeful channel.  [ via Tim Bray ]

This is a great letter.  Read it to feel wonderful.  [ via Rob Smith ]

Well, you knew this was coming - Total Recall 2003 tee-shirts.  Yeah, I bought one.  "It's not a rumor" :)

can't find ""I was looking for some info, and got this error (click for full screen).  Seemed pretty appropriate :)

More on the shortage of Rhesus monkeys, from CNN.  These little guys are selling for $10,000!  I didn't realize, but apparently they have been used in a lot of AIDS research.  One might ask, is this really the best use for these valuable and unusual animals, but I won't.  Well, okay, I will.  Is it?

In other monkey business, CNN also reports there may be a new species of ape in Northern Congo.  Larger than chimpanzees, which also live in the region, with flatter faces.  The genetic evidence from feces is interesting, the mitochondrial DNA is chimp-like.

Nikon camera with WiFiNikon has introduced a camera with WiFi.  That's pretty cool.  Can anyone seriously doubt that this is the future?  USB and even Firewire is not nearly as convenient.  This camera is $3,500, but you know how these things go...  [ via a pretty excited Jason DeFillippo ]

Joi Ito wonders Is streamripping legal?  There are now several software products available which record music streams from online radio, making them available for Tivo-like later listening.  The sound quality is not CD, but apparently it isn't bad, either.  This certainly poses a tough philosophical problem for opponents of file-sharing.

Dan Gillmor reports Microsoft's answer to blogging will be Front Page enhancements combined with the SharePoint portal server.  Pardon me if I'm not excited.  I think they "get it" - there are a lot of Microsoft bloggers now - but they always seem to go for the most complicated solution.

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