Critical Section

Wednesday,  07/23/03  11:33 PM

Paving new political ground - again - in California: Davis recall has enough signatures for ballot.  Here we go...

I saw Terminator 3 tonight.  Did not like.  Doesn't have the energy of the previous two, really seemed like a pointless vehicle for action sequences.  Linda Hamilton was missed.  Pales in comparison to the Matrix Reloaded.  Arnold, run for governer.  Please.

Rarotonga kidLAWeekly: Rarotonga or Bust.  "It only took about five minutes to wipe out any preconceived fantasies we had about island life."

Today Tivo announced Tivo Basic, a free basic service which comes with its PVRs.  You get 3 days worth of programming information, no season passes or wishlists.  Seems like a good "camel's nose under the tent"; I know a lot of people who are put off by any monthly charge.

There are probably six people in the world who think this parody is funny: FOAF splinters into 10 competing efforts.  I'm one of them :)

DaGoddess has the 44th Carnival of the Vanities.  Looks like this week we have a hospital theme.  My pick this week is Blogging Ethics, from the Accidental Jedi.

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