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Monday,  07/21/03  11:12 PM

Here we go again: "The order has gone out for a team of U.S. quick reaction force soldiers to be sent to Liberia where rebel fighters are attempting to create a "strangle-hold" on the capital."  Fasten your seat belts, and please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle.

Remember how bizarre it was when Libya was chosen to chair the U.N.'s Human Rights committee?  Well, here's the result: UN farce as Libya judges Israeli rights.  You can't make this stuff up.  The U.N. has careened so far off course it is worthless and indeed counterproductive.

Steven Den Beste has the "microscopic view" of the war...  a lot of detail.  Worth bookmarking for future reference.

pods unite Bugpods unite iPodOkay, the Pod's Unite thing is cool.  (A joint marketing venture between Volkswagen and Apple.)  But get this - the link between the iPod and the Bug is a humble cassette adapter.  You think they could have done better, huh?

So, the RSS saga takes another turn, as Dave Winer transfers the RSS 2.0 spec to the care of Harvard University's Berkman Center, where he is presently a fellow.  This solves the problem caused by the spec being in the hands of a commercial venture (Userland Software).  A good move, IMHO.  And in Dan Gillmor's HO as well...

Want to create an AOL journal?  Go hereI did.  Cool!

Lance falls - and wins!Tour de Lance update: Armstrong falls hard - and wins!  His lead is still only 67 seconds, much smaller than it has been at the 15th stage of his previous four victories.  There's a lot of racing left!  (I've been linking to Yahoo for Tour news, but check out Lance's own site as well...)

Fossil PDA watchWalt Mossberg reviews the Fossil watch.  This is a watch which includes a fully functional Palm pilot.  As a PDA, he doesn't like it: "The Wrist PDA is much harder to use than other Palms or Palm-compatible devices...  The screen and stylus are simply too small."  But it has a feature he likes a lot: "the most interesting feature of the Wrist PDA has nothing to do with the Palm functionality.  In watch mode you can scroll through and select from a wide variety of different watch-face designs.  This is the first watch I know of that lets you pick the way its face looks and change that look as often as you like."  I wonder how long before someone writes a program to display an aquarium on the watch face :)

You know how hard it is to get radioactive ore, and other nuclear materials?  Well, consider United Nuclear!  They seem to stock everything :)  I am not making this up.

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