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Saturday,  06/28/03  10:07 PM

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: Apple DRM Revisited.  Or how the Apple Music Store protects the music they sell so it isn't easily pirated...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation responds to the RIAA's plans to sue individual users for file sharing: "It's plain that the dinosaurs of the recording industry have completely lost touch with reality."  Yep.

Harry PotterSlate: Harry Potter and the International Order of Copyright.  How long do you think it will be before we'll all be able to print our own books?  Then digital rights management will be necessary for books, too...  Right now it is just intellectual property, because the barriers to duplication are a bit high.

And speaking of digital information media (we were, right - music and books...), InfoTrends predicts that digital photography will completely replace film by 2008.  [ via Ottmar Liebert, who seems to blog about many of the same things I find interesting! ]

So when do you think digital video will replace analog film in movie theaters?  Within ten years, I would guess.  And that will have its own set of DRM issues!

Boy I said I would leave Echo alone, but it won't leave me; Scoble has a long rant about Dave Winer and the goodness of RSS.  I sure hope there's more to RSS than separating RSS from Dave!

We have the NYTimes and Microsoft and CNet and now we even have Oracle supporting RSS, why do we have to go change it?  Why can't it be evolved?  Just because of some API problems?  Sheesh.

Brian Keller says "Whidbey is going to rock".  Whidbey is the code name for the next version of Visual Studio, for which Brian is the program manager.  That's great - I use VS every day, so this will really matter to me, but...  This is the bad thing about all these developers having blogs; they tease you by telling you how cool everything is, but their companies won't let them tell you why.  I say either tell us why Whidbey or Longhorn or whatever is going to rock, or don't say anything.

Psst!  Want to be an A-list blogger?  Then the Internet Pundit Fantasy Camp is for you.  Satire is best when it runs close to truth, eh?  (Or is this really truth?)

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