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Monday,  06/02/03  09:30 PM

World Health Organization: SARS: status of the outbreak and lessons for the immediate future [PDF, via SARS Watch].  Lots of great info.  Currently 8,221 people have been infected by SARS and 735 have died.  Related: Salon reports that Hepatitis C has become a major problem in third-world countries.

iMacApple's design guru Jonathan Ivie has been named "Designer of the Year" by the London Design Museum.  Cool.

Wow.  John Dvorak has started a blog - sort of.  He's guest blogger on Boing Boing this week, which means he'll be doing a "mini-blog" down the right side.  All the more reason to visit Boing Boing...  John has historically been anti-blog, but he often takes an early "anti" position on anything to be controversial, then embraces it later once it becomes mainstream.

Joel Spolsky thinks the browser wars are restarting:  "Where it gets interesting, is, approximately, today, because, for the first time, the Mozilla Firebird browser has finally caught up with Internet Explorer."  But Andrew Leonard disagrees:  "And so, the browser wars end, again, not with a bang, but with a plea bargain."  Who's right?  Well, in some ways they both are.  Mozilla and its offspring are going to continue to improve and multiply, and provide a better experience for experienced users.  IE is going to remain "the standard" (looks like AOL will continue to use it as well) for newbies.  And bloggers will continue to have something to write about :)

AMD's Opteron's are now available, and workstations using them are starting to appear.  Let's see, faster and cheaper than a 32-bit Xeon, faster and way cheaper than a 64-bit Itanium (for 32-bit applications).  Seems like this would find a market, eh?

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