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Saturday,  03/22/03  10:44 PM

APC with woman and child_____ WAR _____

Are you watching the war?  I am...  But I gave up on TV, they are too far behind and too personality oriented.  I'm refreshing The Command Post and the BBC Reporters Log, oh and InsideVC's blog, and skipping around from there.  This could go on for weeks - months! - I wonder when I'll stop polling for updates every half hour.  Right now I can't tear myself away from it.

U.S. Forces are now within 100 miles of Baghdad.  Their speed of advance is awesome.  Iraq is the size of California, and it is 600 miles from Kuwait to Baghdad.  This is like having an army cross into San Diego from Mexico and reach San Francisco two days later.  It is hard to drive a truck that fast on a highway, let alone thousands of tanks and all their supplies through unpaved desert.  Amazing.  Here's a great map by Nick Denton showing coalition forces in Iraq (the orange sprinkles).

Interesting post on the Belligerent Bunny Blog: The failures of the peace mongers.

_____ NON WAR _____

Dave has a great idea - an adaptive search engine that returns results based on who you are.  This seems so obvious doesn't it?

Pentagon Spokesperson Tori ClarkeThe Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP was released today; not big news in my life, but there are some who have literally been counting the days...  These things sell millions of units, an order of magnitude more than a typical PDA.  And they are becoming more powerful...

Finally, I can't bring myself to call this war news - what the heck is Pentagon spokesperson Tori Clarke wearing?  I promise I did not do this with Photoshop...

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