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Wednesday,  03/19/03  08:43 PM

Well, the war has started.  You won't get the best analysis from me.  But I encourage you to get many cross bearings - visit CNN, but also visit foreign websites and bloggers.  At times like this it is really hard to know what is really going on, you have to average over many sites.  Google News is as always invaluable, the "and 1459 related" links give you all the coverage on a given story.  And bloggers like Instapundit and are good because they drop so many links.  Like - here's a blogger in Baghdad.

Here is the text of Tony Blair's speech yesterday before the House of Commons.  I find it to be, as the Guardian reports, "nothing short of splendid".  Too bad such oratory has fallen out of favor in our Congress.

Seems weird that the NCAA basketball tournament starts tomorrow.  In years past I had my brackets filled out and my Tivo ready.  Thirty-two games in two days!  This year I'm just not into it.

When cricket reporters go bad...  I love it that his editors ran this.

Business 2.0 has released their annual 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.  It's pretty funny.  I do hate the way all their links are to themselves - they don't get the net.  My favorite is #89, "How the right merger can create exponential growth":

January 2002 - One year after the completion of its much-ballyhooed merger, AOL Time Warner posts a paltry quarterly loss of $1.8 billion.

April 2002 - Just three months later, AOL Time Warner announces a loss of $54.2 billion, the biggest quarterly loss in U.S. history.

January 2003 - Stunningly, a mere nine months after that -- and just two years after the consummation of the marriage -- AOL Time Warner sets another record with an annual loss of $98.7 billion.

Texas Congressman John Carter thinks jailing college students who download music will discourage piracy.  Sure, and shooting people who jaywalk will discourage jaywalking, too.

Elon Musk's new company SpaceX has successfully fired their rocket engine.  Elon previously founded Zip2, which was sold to AltaVista, and, which merged with PayPal.  It will be interesting to watch SpaceX, I would never bet against Elon...

Finally, have you seen the Iraqi U.N. Ambassador Mohammed Al-Douri?  In Japan his hairdo is called a barcode.

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