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Friday,  02/28/03  06:39 PM

Last day of February already!  Where is 2003 going?  Whew!  And this makes two months Critical Section has been in business.  We've served 1994 visitors of whom 310 have returned at least three times.  That is so cool, thanks!

Charles Krauthammer nails it: A Costly Charade at the U.N.

So again the America's Cup is postponed; after working through the night to rig a new mast, TNZ was not able to test it against Alinghi today.

Well, another dot-com shoe has dropped; the Red Herring has closed its doors.  It joins Upside, the Industry Standard, eCompany, and Forbes ASAP, leaving Business 2.0 as the last "new economy" business magazine still publishing.  I can distinctly remember early 2000, when Red Herring was about 500 pages thick, choked with tombstone ads from investment banks, and full of "we're too cool for ourselves" articles.  I found this great article about all the contenders in Forbes ASAP, dated August 2000 - good for a trip down memory lane...

In an interesting article, FastCompany asks Which Price Is Right?

Here's another wrinkle is my browsing experience - today I'm trying Opera.  So far it seems to combine the speed of IE with the pop-up killing and cookie management of Mozilla.  It might even be faster than IE.  It does not seem to know when to reload dynamic pages, though...  Stay tuned...

[Later - no dice.  We have two show stoppers - ads in the header (or pay $40), and trouble rendering sites with complicated CSS.  That's why I stay away from CSS layouts - but a lot of people use it now.  And they test with IE and Mozilla.  Too bad, because Opera sure is fast.]

If you want to laugh, please read The Horror of Blimps :)

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