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Wednesday,  02/19/03  11:03 PM

No America's Cup today, the wind was too shifty.  Previously TNZ announced they were replacing tactician Hamish Pepper with backup helmsman Bertrand Pace.  The change makes sense; Pace has beaten [Alinghi helmsman] Russell Coutts before and is an aggressive starter, which TNZ badly needs being down 3-0 in the best of nine.

Can you even believe what Kobe Bryant is doing?  Tonight he scored 40 against the Jazz, making his seventh straight game with at least 40, and eleventh with at least 35.  This is Jordanesque, to say the least.  Last night he scored 52 against the Rockets to lead the Lakers to a double-overtime win over Houston, pulling them into playoff position with a performance that featured a gravity-defying monster dunk over 7'6" Yao Ming.  Whew.

Microsoft has bought Connectix, the innovative company which makes Virtual PC.  They claim this as evidence of their support for the Mac platform, but I'm suspicious; if you take away Virtual PC then Apple can't claim Windows programs run on a Mac anymore.  Would have made more sense if Apple had bought them...

So perhaps you think newspapers are outdated?  Well, I do.  I haven't taken a daily paper for five years.  But here in L.A. we're getting a new one - The L.A. Examiner is being reborn, courtesy of ex-mayor (and ex-gubernatorial candidate) Richard Riordan.  This project grew out of Riordan's dissatisfaction with the liberal L.A. Times, and is headed by Ken Layne and Matt Welch, the journalists who founded the L.A. Examiner blog.  These bloggers are going the wrong way - back to paper.  Oh well, they do have a great site.  They're hoping to emulate Ira Stoll, who founded the website to counterbalance the N.Y.Times, then went on to start the New York Sun about a year ago.

P.S. My first job was delivering papers for the L.A. Herald Examiner.  It was heavy.

Glen Reynolds, the InstaPundit, has an op-ed piece in the Guardian (U.K newspaper).  Interesting becuase 1) Glen leans right and the Guardian leans left, 2) Glen is a blogger and the Guardian is a newspaper, 3) Glen is interesting.  Read it!

LGF points to: Human Shields Limp into Baghdad.  Charles comments "I hope someone was filming this trip; it sounds like a combination of Spinal Tap and The Big Bus.  But dumber."  Yep.  And speaking of filming trips, if you have broadband, check out Evan Coyne Maloney's antiwar protest vlog.  It speaks for itself.

Dave Winer thinks Teoma is as good as Google.  Nope.  They can't even find me.  Google can!

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