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We're Still Down...

Thursday,  02/13/03  09:19 AM

Still down, it has now been 24 hours.  Verizon has finally dispatched a technician.  [Later - a technician came out, determined that there is a flooded manhole somewhere between the street in front of our house and the "main junction box", so a different technician will be dispatched.  Sigh.]

Where Have You Gone, Colin PowellRemember when Time wondered Where Have You Gone, Colin Powell?  It was the one-year anniversary of 9-11.  Well, nobody's wondering that anymore, are they?  (Ask Chirac and Shroeder!)

ClearChannel, which operates 1,225 radio stations and 39 TV stations, is preparing for war.

Just when you thought network TV had reached the bottom of the barrel, the barrel gets deeper.  CBS is apparently planning a "real" Beverly Hillbillies, where they recruit some rural hicks to live in a Beverly Hills mansion for a year.  I hope this is the bottom - almost seems like it has to be - but I've thought that before.  So who watches this crap?  Not you, surely...

For a limited time it costs only $.50 to download a music track and burn it onto a CD at  This will be an interesting experiment - I've been saying $.50 is the right price point.  I wonder if this will work?

Who says science doesn't address the important problems?  Here's a research paper which carefully analyzes the use of the back button in web browsers.  The authors suggest a "mouse gesture" like dragging to the left would be easier than clicking a button at the top.  {Personally I don't use the back button much anymore, I shift-click to open a new window, then close it when I'm done.}

Hey!  A real-world blogging event in L.A.!  This will be my chance to test moblogging from my Treo....

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