Critical Section

Monday,  01/27/03  02:40 PM

Why not switch to Linux?

Don't you hate it when your database goes down?

Now that Always On is back on, here's the text of Colin Powell's speech in Davos.  He makes a pretty compelling case...

This is just a rumor, but I believe it.  Apparently Apple is working on a Word-killer.  I like Word, but there's nothing wrong with competition.  IE was "the standard", Apple releases Safari, everyone says "wow, that's cool", and poof everything changes.  (Safari has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times in the past two weeks.)

Carl Sagan weighed in on crop circles in 1995.  Of course they are simply elaborate hoaxes.  Pretty well done, though.  For entertainment, you might enjoy these other explanations :)

I just had a really weird experience.  My copy of What Should I Do With My Life arrived today (see this post for details.)  Naturally I eagerly scanned the table of contents to find Mike Lanza.  No names.  I turned to the back to find - no index!  I am holding this 370 page book, and the only way to find a name is a sequential scan.  I'm stuck...  It seems so strange that I can't convert this format into one that is rapidly searchable.  Bits are better than atoms! 

[ Later: I found him.  The names have been changed!  Mike is "George", his story is "My New Start-Up".  I found it by Googling, which led me to a Commonwealth Club interview, in which Po Bronson mentions Mike and tells the story about how he referred to a girlfriend as his "new start-up".  So even with an un-indexed block of atoms, you can find what you're looking for on the web :) ]

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