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Friday,  02/20/15  10:36 PM

CCATomorrow I shall be called upon to arise at 3:30 for a quick trip to San Francisco, taking Meg to visit California College of the Arts.  That should be "fun".  And so I should be sleeping ... and so I'm blogging instead ...

Scott Walker's new specialty: punting.  "Sometimes the best answer to a question is a refusal to answer."  Especially when the purpose of the question is a gotcha, rather than an honest attempt to learn.

Mark Cuban says Net Neutrality will f*ck up the internet.  I'm not sure I'd put it that strongly, but more government regulation is never the solution to any problem.  And it isn't clear there even is a problem here.  It bothers me that so many people think net neutrality is obviously right* and don't even understand the issue.

* the way the issue has been named is quite clever, because we're all coached to think "neutrality" is a good thing.

cricket, explainedWell played: An animated guide to Cricket.  Now you, too can argue infinitely about whether someone was LBW.

2015 ATOC route announcedExcellent: 2015 Amgen Tour of California Route announced.  Love that they're heading to a mountaintop finish on Mt. Baldy again, and yes, of course I am going to ride it and watch the finish.  Great stuff.  So glad an America bike race has become one of the top one-week stage races in the world!

frozen Hudson RiverGlobal Warming update: The coldest day ever.  "Temperature records broken across the country by the 'Siberian Express' cold snap as Manhattan hits 1F."  Did not realize Al Gore was visiting New York.  Click through to see the pictures, they're beautiful as well as impressive; that's the Hudson River, frozen, at right...

Mars / Venus Conjunction tonightI'm too cold to check this out: Mars and Venus Conjunction tonight.  It's pretty rare to have the Moon in the mix too, wonder what that means?



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