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the big Apple

Wednesday,  01/28/15  09:11 PM

the Apple WatchApple just had the most profitable quarter of any company, ever.  Giving credence to the supposition that iPhones are the most successful products, ever.  Did we know that back in 2007?  No.  Although maybe Steve Jobs did.

I was just reflecting on early iPhones, thinking that not having Flash would hold them back.  In retrospect that was a good call by Mr. Jobs.  YouTube are now supporting HTML5 video by default.  Primarily because of IOS.

And lest you think Apple have peaked, the Apple Watch will be out in April.  I bet they sell a few of those.  I'm going to get one, of course, but as a mostly happy Pebble Steel owner I wonder how useful they will be.  They might be cooler than we think.

Apple's "hobby" isn't doing badly either; 25M Apple TVs shipped in total.  I still love mine.  That could end up being a bigger hit for them than anyone thinks.

Tangerine - shot on an iPhone 5SApple are now the largest camera company in the world.  And interestingly, also the largest video camera company, by far.  Just recently the film Tangerine was lauded at the Sundance Film Festival, and it was shot entirely on an iPhone 5S.

Still, with all the amazing technology, the biggest driver's of Apple's success have been the Mac and IOS ecosystems they've created.


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