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Je Suis Charlie

Wednesday,  01/07/15  10:11 PM

Je Suis CharlieYeah, that sucked; Twelve dead, magazine silenced in Paris Terrorist attack.  "Two heavily-armed Muslims attacked the offices of the satirical Paris weekly Charlie Hebdo this morning, killing twelve people, including the magazine’s two most famous cartoonists. The attackers were heard to shout 'Allahu Akbar!' and 'The Prophet is avenged'...  CNN reports that the killers' motives are still unknown."  I know correlation is not causality and I know there are [many] good Muslims, but how often are Muslim extremists at the core of these attacks?  We have to stop pretending!

Sigh.  In joyless nanny state called America, government prohibits sledding.  Please tell me this pendulum is going to swing back to center!

From Ev Williams, founder of Blogger, Twitter, and Medium: A mile wide, an inch deep.  "Most Internet companies would build better things and create more value if they paid more attention to depth than breadth."  Picking the right metrics to measure success is crucial.

Lamborghini cellphoneHere we have the Torino Lamborgini, a limited edition $6,000 cellphone.  Whether it's a great cellphone is pretty much beside the point, as is wondering about whether a Patek Phillipe watch keeps time well.  Phones have entered the luxury items category.

Of course one challenge faced by luxury phones is that they can be obsolete so quickly.  That doesn't happen with watches.  Although it probably will happen with smartwatches, and it will be interesting to see the implications of this for the Apple Watch and its Google Gear competitors.

3D-printed hammer (with "wood" and "metal")MakerBot wants you to start printing in metal and wood (sort of).  Awesome!  I can't wait ... the limitations of the materials are the biggest obstacle to making "real" things with a 3D printer.

Everything you need to know about the SpaceX resuable rocket launch.  Now scheduled for Saturday.  Stay tuned!

Good to know: Machine learning will eventually solve your JPEG problem.  That problem being, how do you organized thousands of pictures.  Visual search will help.


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