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Monday,  02/03/14  11:04 PM

Booroy, Klaksvik, Faroe IslandsThis weekend I suddenly had this thought: "crap, it's February!"  As in, whew, January flew past...  it was not a happy thought.  Fortunately I was able to put it aside by coding and eating while watching football / ads with friends.  But today the pressure was on...

So the other day I linked some astonishing places; here's another one: this picture is of Booroy, Klaksvik, in the Faroe Islands.  (Yes yes click to enbiggen!)  I'm reading a book in which the characters fly from Scotland to Iceland, passing over the Faroe Islands, and I was like "Faroe Islands?" so I Googled and Wikipedia-ed and now know where they are, and what they are (they're Danish), and saw this picture, and thought wow! who knew?  Looks like a cold but fascinating place to visit, doesn't it?

the infinite libraryCross post from eyesFindings: getting lost on the shelf.  "...every shelf in every store and especially online is crowded. The long tail made the virtual shelves infinitely long, which means that every record, every widget, every job application, every book, every website, every non-profit… all of it… is on a crowded shelf.  Which is why ‘the shelf’ can't be your goal. If you need to get picked from the shelf/slush pile/transom catchbasin then you've already lost."

Also from Seth Godin: every slide tells a story.  "If I can't figure out what your point is, you've merely given me data."

You might think the Seattle Seahawks were the big winners yesterday in the Super Bowl, but you would be wrong... here we have the Super Bowl Ad Report Card.  What was your favorite?  I liked the Puppy... but I also liked the Maserati ad.  And I missed having an Apple ad!

Apple Mac 30th adTurns out Apple have made a 30th anniversary of the Mac ad, but they didn't air it during the Super Bowl.  It is rather cool though ... shot entirely with iPhones!  Somehow to me it's a little too mainstream, though; would have been cooler with a bit of the "1984" ad's edge to it.

Facebook Paper appHey so have you checked out Facebook Paper?  I have, and I don't like it.  Not even a little bit...  Sorry but don't need another Flipboard / Zite type thing.  I like the original Facebook News Feed and BTW please stuff stuffing so many ads and "suggested posts" into it!

Mulholland Highway aka "Rockstore"About the LA road that tricks so many motorcyclists  into crashing.  This article is about the section of Mulholland Highway called "Rockstore", which as you know I ride all the time, and it gets so many things wrong I don't know where to begin, including that nobody calls this "the Snake".  The real reason there are crashes is that there are cameras.

Whenever you read about something you know about, it's wrong, which means pretty much everything reported anywhere is wrong.  Boo.

the Boeing 747Cool: the unexpected success of the Boeing 747.  Kind of fun to celebrate this amazing technical achievement, and kind of sad to contemplate the failure of Pan Am...


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