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TDF stage 5 / sprint / Cavendish [finally] wins one!  Jerseys unchanged...

Thursday,  07/08/10  11:34 PM

Mark Cavendish [finally] wins a sprint, taking stage 5To everyone's relief, especially his, Mark Cavendish finally opened his account in the 2010 Tour with a convincing sprint win, besting rivals Thor Hushovd, Alessandro Petacchi, Robbie McEwen, and Tyler Farrar.  It was noticeable that HTC waited longer to get their "train" rolling today, and Mark Renshaw had the perfect lead-out setting up the win.

Is Mark back?  Will the confidence from this win carry him to others, or will his rivals come back and best him while fighting over the green jersey?  Tomorrow will tell, as we have another flat stage...

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Thursday,  07/08/10  11:44 PM

I'm back home, whew, after a long day; again got up early, worked out, watched Le Tour, and again had a productive day, although new projects seem to be cropping up faster than I can deal with them.  I'm finishing the week with more to do than I started, for about the fourth week in a row.  Yikes! 

My good mood from yesterday carried over into today...  amazing how a positive attitude colors everything.  You *can* choose to be happy :)  working out and riding doesn't hurt, either!

twitter: VuvuzelaSo what do you think, Are blogs dying?  I've noticed a lot less linking and perhaps fewer people posting random crap; that seems to have moved to Facebook and especially Twitter.

Here's some evidence: Twitter + Vuvuzela.  10,000+ followers.  There you go.

powerplant clad in Delfts Blauw tilesThis is awesome: a Dutch power plant clad in Delfts Blauw tiles.

Jerry Pournelle schools the U.S. space program: "NASA's budget since Apollo has been big enough that we ought to be halfway to Alpha Centauri by now. Perhaps that's an exaggeration, but we certainly had a budget that could have taken us to Mars and the asteroids. We certainly could have a Lunar Colony."  Not to mention, we certainly could have learned a lot more...

I continue to mess around with Foursquare, but I'm almost fully convinced there's no there there.  Okay, I could see how it might be useful if you're a 20-something with a zillion friends and you're looking for the action on any given night, but for me - and for most everyone, I suspect - it's an input-only system; you checkin where you are, and that's it.  I am open to the possibility that it will grow on me - I wasn't a big Facebook user in the beginning either - so I will continue to try...

Tomorrow it's another early morning of watching the tour, and then a little work before heading way up to Bear Valley for the Death Ride on Saturday... please stay tuned!

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