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all truths are simple

Wednesday,  06/04/08  05:52 PM

All truths are simple.  Seems simple, but seems true :)

The corollary is that anything which is too complicated is not true, or perhaps is not fully true.  {A classic example of this is particle physics.  Whenever someone tries to explain the nuclear forces, electromagnetism, charged particles, quarks, etc. it is too complicated, so we don't yet know the real truth.  Contrast with special relativity, E = mc2.  That's simple enough to be true.}


Wednesday,  06/04/08  09:00 PM

Crappy day... not much scheduled, but didn't get much done.  Did a ride but felt weak and slow.  Some days are like that.  I hope tomorrow is not...  but in the meantime:

So Obama has won!  Wow, good for him.  And now we will have the great McCain vs Obama election debates.  Or not.  Should be quite interesting :)

Tony Resko is guilty.  Bet we haven't heard the last of that.

Ottmar Liebert - the scent of lightOttmar Liebert has released a new album!  Check out The Scent of Light...  I'm listening to it right now, this is seriously excellent!  :)

Salon's review of Just how stupid are we? is entitled Are you too dumb to vote?  Good question, are you?  "No one thing can explain the foolishness that marks so much of American politics. But what is striking is how often the most obvious cause -- public ignorance -- is blithely disregarded ... We feel uncomfortable coming right out and saying publicly, The People sometimes seem awfully stupid."  What's worse is that The People are getting dumber...

PVRBlog reports TBS ups the ante on annoying commercial insertion.  Whenever I read something like this, I think someone has forgotten their customer.  And when you forget your customer, you're screwed.

Milky Way infrared mosaic imageThis is pretty cool: astronomers make 5Gp image of Milky Way.  "It's called the Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire, and extraordinary it is: the Spitzer Space Telescope created a 180-foot-long mosaic of 800,000 high-resolution snapshots, all on glorious 400,000-pixel by 13,000-pixel display at the American Astronomical Society's annual meeting in St. Louis."  I'm trying to find a high resolution downloadable version; no luck so far.

sunset on MarsNASA's image of the day: sunset on Mars.  Whoa.  Looks like a Roger Dean illustration for a Yes album cover :)

It is pretty easy to get jaded about our space exploration, but really the recent missions to Mars have been phenomenally successful.  The planning required for zero failures is hard to fathom.  My hat's off to the great team at JPL!



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