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Thursday,  03/13/08  11:05 PM

A quiet day today, with a bit of coding and a nice ride.  I've joined up with a local chain gang - the Conejo Valley Cyclists - and we had a nice group ride up Decker Canyon and Little Sycamore today.  Only about 25 miles, but I'm sore, nothing like a little peer pressure to make you push yourself :)

Robert GesinkSpeaking of riding, I see where Rabobank's Robert Gesink is making his mark in the Paris-Nice race; today's stage went up legendary Mont Ventoux.  Last year Paris-Nice featured another new kid on the block; Alberto Contador, who went on to win the Tour de France.  Well at least with Robert's success I have someone to root for!

Lance Mackey and friendCancer survivor Lance Mackey won the Iditarod dog sled race.  That's cool, I've always liked this event.  Truly an endurance competition for man and dog.  Mackey won $69,000 and a new truck, his team won steaks and a long nap in front of the fire :)

One of my favorite bloggers is John Gruber, not only because of what he writes about, but because of how he writes.  Consider this post: Sun, Apparently High as a Kite, Plans to Develop Java JVM for iPhone.  So now I'm spitting coke already, and I haven't even clicked the link, but once clicked we find him commenting on Sun's press release: "'If there are clauses in the iPhone beta SDK license agreement that potentially limit third party application distribution, then these are items that we want to have a positive discussion with Apple about.'  Please record these discussions and share them with the world, so that we can all have a good laugh..."  I've had one already. 

BTW there is zero chance Sun will be allowed to create a JVM for the iPhone, certainly less chance than I'd give Adobe of being allowed to create a Flash runtime.

Tonight I did my mitzvah for the week; I networked together four disparate laptops belonging to members of the Assistance League of Conejo Valley, Shirley's charity, in preparation for a big auction they're running Saturday night.  {I will not be attending, since I'm escorting my daughter Alexis to Oaks Christian's annual father-daughter dance, but I digress...}  So I hooked up my little Linksys WiFi hub and got the four laptops to talk to it, a Toshiba, a Dell, an HP, and a Lenovo, two running Vista, one running XP, and one running NT (!)  Leaving a lot out, it all worked (although I had to use WEP instead of WPA because NT only supported WEP; that threw me for a while).  Anyway I mention this because each of these laptops are absolutely covered with stickers.  All those little crapware logos from Intel, Microsoft, etc., all the little warning stickers, all the little protective coverings are still there.  (One is even wrapped in its original protective plastic - I am not making this up.)  Weird.  The first thing I do with a new PC is peel off all the stickers.  I guess that is one more way in which I am not like everyone else.


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