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yesterday in NH

Wednesday,  01/09/08  08:20 AM

Some quick thoughts about the New Hampshire primaries while drinking coffee...  So McCain won pretty handily over Romney, and Clinton won by a smaller margin over Obama.  New Hampshire is a much better predictor of the way "the country" feels than Iowa (or Wyoming), so these two would appear to be the front-runners.  Reassuringly they are also the two most centerist candidates for their respective parties, Romney and Thompson and Huckabee are to the right of McCain, and Obama and Edwards are to the left of Clinton.  I can support McCain - we disagree about a lot, but agree on the things which are most important to me - but I'm not sure I can support Clinton.  More study seems indicated.

Watching the candidates' "victory" speeches, I was struck that Clinton really seemed focused on beating Obama (why I'm better), not on what she would do if she were elected (why I'm good).  And yet, so was McCain!

This morning while driving Alexis (14) to school we talked about this a bit (my subject, not hers :).  It is fascinating that we've reached the point where a woman and a black man are serious candidates, in fact at this point it seems likely that one or the other will represent the Democratic party.  That's progress, right?


The sheep of Saint-Affrique

Wednesday,  01/09/08  07:59 PM

I have an Dutch aunt who married a French sheep farmer; they live in a small town called Saint-Affrique.  Today I received a nice Holiday letter from her, accompanied by this fantastic postcard:


I am told that these are not just any sheep; their milk is used to make Roquefort cheese.  I like sheep (would it be wrong to say of shorn sheep, "they're cool"?), and these sheep clearly rock.  In the background we see the awesome Viaduct of Millau, a modern wonder of the world; at 1,125 feet high it is more than 50 feet higher than the Eiffel Tower with a sweep of one and a half miles.  I wonder if the sheep think it is as cool as I do :)


Wednesday,  01/09/08  07:59 PM

The Ole filter makes a pass...

Brian Bailey concludes Bloomberg Wins New Hampshire.  "Last night was an absolutely historic night.  Senator Clinton pulled off a huge upset (and yes, a comeback) and Senator McCain brought himself back from the brink...  That's the story that's being written today. Here's one that isn't.  It just became much more likely that Mayor Mike Bloomberg will run for president."  Interesting; I believe I could like Michael Bloomberg.  [ via Dave Winer ]

This is not good: FuturePundit notes Africa Human Population To At Least Double By 2050.  I hope they can handle it, but I fear they won't ...

... GNXP noted In the days of yore, the wealthy were healthy and prolific.  Not anymore :(

Wired Magazine: Red Wine Drug Shows Proof That It Combats Aging.  "For the first time, scientists have proof in human subjects that a derivative of an ingredient in red wine combats some symptoms of aging."  Excellent.  I'll drink to that.

Microsoft Home ServerMommy, why is there a server in the house?  Helping your child understand the stay-at-home server...  (Note: I am not making this up.  You have to read this to believe it...)

I wonder if Wal-Mart will start selling Linux-based home servers?  They already have a $200 Linux-based home PC!

Maserati GTToday TTAC posted a review of the new Maserati GT:  "It’s the Jessica Alba of GTs. From any angle, the Italian coupe offers seemingly endless, perfectly shaped curves; all exactly where they should be. From its 60’ F1-style curvilinear maw, to the subtle swell of the front wheel arches, to the gracious sweep of its rear air spoiler, the GT tells the world that Maserati’s roots rock."  Beautiful.  And that describes the sound of the 405hp Ferrari powerplant, too.

Hot on the heels of my pondering the metric magic: Medscape suggests Physician Performance Measurement: Potential Benefits Outweigh the Challenges.  Wow, and are there ever challenges.  Don't expect this anytime soon, but I have no doubt that there are significant potential benefits.

Command Line Warriors explains how dishonest Network Solutions are...  the punchline is do not use them for anything, not even their whois service.  [ via John Gruber, who comments "Yet another chapter in the ever-popular saga, Network Solutions: Shitbags Extraordinaire." ]


cowboy's dilemma: the answer

Wednesday,  01/09/08  08:45 PM

shoot the sky!Are you ready for the answer to the cowboy's dilemma?

You're a cowboy, and get involved in a three way pistol duel with two other cowboys.  You are a poor shot, with an accuracy of only 33%.  The other two cowboys shoot with accuracies of 50% and 100%, respectively.  The rules of the duel are one shot per cowboy per round.  The shooting order is from worst shooter to best shooter, so you get to shoot first, the 50% guy goes second, and the 100% guy goes third, then repeat.  If a cowboy is shot he's out for good, and his turn is skipped.  Where or who should you shoot first?

Reach for the sky!  Actually, shoot the sky.  Your best chance is not to shoot at either cowboy.  Really really.

There are actually three possibilities:

  1. Shoot the 100% cowboy.
  2. Shoot the 50% cowboy.
  3. Shoot anywhere else.

Your chances of surviving the duel are best with door #3.  I'll give a detailed analysis later...

Update: here's a detailed analysis.


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