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Monday,  01/07/08  10:46 PM

It's all happening...

BCS championshipCongratulations to LSU, for easily beating Ohio State to win the BCS.  Are they #1?  Yes.  And I say that as a USC fan; both lost two games, and both hammered a Big Ten opponent in a major bowl, but LSU lost two overtime games while USC lost to Stanford (!) and was pretty soundly beaten by Oregon, too.  I'd put George at #3, also with two losses, after thrashing Hawaii.  Others receiving votes: Kansas, West Virginia, Michigan, and Missouri...

This is amazing: Gerald Vanderleun posts 30 Years Ago at The Nation.  From the "more things change, more they stay the same" file.  That is unbelievable.

Also from that file, check out this post I made four years ago about John Kerry, linking James Lileks.  Does that remind you of anyone?  Barack Obama, maybe?

Bill Gates at CESClassic; TechCrunch notes that Bill Gates' CES keynote sucked.  Yeah, like that was a surprise.  "The big question is how, in 2008, have we come to a point that Microsoft is so bereft of new ideas and innovation that what was once the most important keynote speech of the year turned out to be a complete dog?"  Look, Gates is a rotten speaker, and hasn't had anything much to say lately, if ever.  I continue to maintain he is overrated as a really smart guy.  Good businessman?  Unquestionably.  Good philanthropist?  Undoubtedly, and the world is better for it.  Smart?  No.

How much do you want to bet TechCrunch won't think Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote sucks?

This is just in case you're a web nerd, and so I can find it later: Pure CSS Drop Down Menu.  The demo is ugly, but it works, and of course can be spiffy-ified.  Nice.



the cowboy's dilemma

Monday,  01/07/08  11:24 PM

Courtesy of BoingBoing, today’s brainbuster:

You're a cowboy, and get involved in a three way pistol duel with two other cowboys.  You are a poor shot, with an accuracy of only 33%.  The other two cowboys shoot with accuracies of 50% and 100%, respectively.  The rules of the duel are one shot per cowboy per round.  The shooting order is from worst shooter to best shooter, so you get to shoot first, the 50% guy goes second, and the 100% guy goes third, then repeat.  If a cowboy is shot he's out for good, and his turn is skipped.  Where or who should you shoot first?

I'll give you the answer in a day or so.  It's great :)

Update: hint.

Update: here's the answer.

Update: here's a detailed analysis.


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